Carles is back bb!!!
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Carles, of Hipster Runoff fame, is back with
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Ah, 2008. I enjoyed you immensely, but once was probably enough.
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So, Hipster Runoff eventually turned into the thing that it was mocking, right?
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When Carles was on, he was like a legit digital prophet (all due respect to Shingy.) He single-handedly created the blueprint for the current layers-within-layers-of-irony zeitgeist for presenting oneself online - artificial identities, curated personal brands, the whole deal. Problem is that we're well within the endpoint for that particular way of being. Alt-lit is dead or heavily wounded, weird twitter is a farce co-opted by corporations for youth social engagement, Hipster Runoff long ago became the embodiment of everything it used to mock, self-aware navel-gazing is boring and played out. We're at the end of that particular era and on the cusp of something else - anyone's guess what, exactly. But I somehow don't think it includes Carles.
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I downloaded his ebook and it was just a Marxist tract :(
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Ah, fook. The new TLDs are the new ironic hotness/steez/whatever the fook the legit kids say these days.
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Oh Jesus Carles. He's got a show on SiriusXM and while I love his taste in music, I cannot stand listening to him speak. The contempt for his audience is palpable.
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This fills me with dread
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17 long years of hipster. Maybe it's time for something new.
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So much of Hipster Runoff was based on other websites that quickly faded into irrelevance themselves; "bloghouse" and "blogwave" were fueled by music blog aggregator sites like The Hype Machine, the image of the hard-partying alt bros was helpfully provided by Cobrasnake. Like, what's the last you went to any of those sites? What's that Cobrasnake guy doing? Has he asphyxiated on coke-puke or 21-year-old drunk girl yet?
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This blog is so representative of a particular time period in my life. I really hope it just stays up forever exactly as it is, entombed in amber. So many old posts on there for just so perfectly of the moment.

My life kinda was that "bloghouse, hard partying alt bro" shit at the time. A photo taken in my apartment made it to the front page sidebar of textsfromlastnight.

On one hand i look back on that and go "what the fuck were we doing, why did we ever think sparks and fourloko were ok". And then i answer to myself having a good time, fuck off scrooge.

It sure is nice to wake up in a quiet room that's not full of cigarette smoke, and know that no one stole your jacket or peed on your bed though.

Basically, what mykescipark said. Applies to pretty much every year from 2007-2011.

It's going to be quite interesting in 50 years. There's so many more easily accessible photos, writings, music, and other detritus of specific subcultures and time periods online now that happened when the internet was already a thing. It'll be pretty easy to go back and reconstruct exactly what people were doing, when and how, and what they were in to. I doubt movies will grossly misrepresent period-set things so much when an easy google search will show that shit just didn't happen that way.
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Yeah, it's really crystallizing in my mind now - like, as of today, as of this FPP - that 2007-2013ish is like this fully defined era that is already starting to seem impossibly dated, in the way eras never do when you're living in them, but always do in hindsight. And in a lot of ways, 2014 was when it all came to a head, a terminating year for a lot of obsessions of that era. Really interesting to think about.
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17? HA! "Hippy" was slang for hipsters in the mid 60s.
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Err, sorry. That was responding to "hipster" being 17 years old.
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Also oh my god i went back and looked at cobrasnake and interviews with him and naju is so right. I can't believe how different it all looks. Leopard print shirts with the adidas logo(or shit like this) and neon purple or acid wash jeans. glow in the dark levels of white bright polished 80s/90s basketball shoes, all that shit. wow.

It really does feel like so much longer ago than it was, just because of how different everyone dressed in the old photos if you go back and look. It was, at the very earliest, 8 years ago. A lot of the stuff was in full swing six years ago. But it feels like a decade almost.

Even just the three photos in this interview are a gigantic flashback.

Every guy who looked like that is wearing a subdued button up with a manbun now.
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I'm still stuck in the 2004/Belle-and-Sebastian/Harris Tweed/Tobacco Pipes template...
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When Hipster Runoff was a thing I was dating a boy with a blonde handlebar mustache who wore, like, purple girl jeans everyday - this was before the style had filtered down and diluted enough that they even made colored skinny jeans for boys yet.

I remember consciously referencing 90s club culture in my own style A LOT; it's one of those things I had admired in my older sister, but I was just a little too young for the Kik jeans and baby doll tees and candy bracelets, so I had to candyflip at Girl Talk shows instead.

Speaking of which: I remember showing up to one of the Girl Talk shows I candyflipped at (THERE WERE MULTIPLE, OH GOD) and every single last person was dressed like a 70s gym teacher in head to toe early American Apparel. I really don't miss seeing grown ass men who are not playing tennis in terrycloth sweatbands.
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I feel like a LOT of alt bro culture was subsumed into the rise of EDM, and that "hipster" came to mean something completely different.
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Is candyflipping "over"? Because I've never done it and I want to.
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it wasn't so much subsumed, as that was just another facet of it that merged in when it became mainstream.

if you approached it from the angle of always being in to weird house/edm before the "bloghouse" thing started(IE if you were a budding IDM indie dude or something who followed all the subtrends of that like breakcore and shit). It was a pretty smooth flow to me from seeing sit-down highbrow IDM shows quietly at coffee houses and stuff to it all turning in to waving your arm in the air and chugging sparks while someone takes embarrassing photos of you.

There was the indie rock side of it, girl talk was somewhere in the middle, and there was the electronic side of it. it only met up when it became a "package" that marketers could sell to people. it wasn't really subsumed though, it was there in the first place, just in different places and spaces.

what did eventually happen though, is all the trends and stylistic elements of that hipstery house stuff got absorbed in to deadmau5 style "radio rock" edm that gets played on your local electronic/GET PUMPED BRO fm station(s)... which was pretty funny to watch.

i could probably write a huge essay on watching this all evolve when it was happening. i'm pretty proud of myself for timing the market on fixed gear bikes and making an assload of money(like $500 each!) selling several i had built for really cheap, and then proceeding to spend 100% of that money going out of town and partying like a moron for days. i laughed my ass off when i saw someone else riding my old bike only weeks after i had sold it to some guy. he sure gave up fast, what with the hills in seattle.

It was also kind of the last hurrah of the neighborhood my dad grew up in, and the one my mom lived in since she was 16 where they met. now it's all condos and restaurants you cant spend less than $70 at even if you try.
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The final auction price was $21,100, for a site that has a total of two posts for 2015 (that's two more than all of 2014).
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