The Mystery Of Faith
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"In creating a work that portrays real internal struggle and transformation, Caravaggio converted painting.

A Painting Only You Can See
I haven’t gone quite so far around the bend yet, but for about a decade now I’ve kept up a more or less regular appointment of my own with a single painting — an intensely dark, brooding scene at the Metropolitan Museum of Art depicting St. Peter’s denial of Christ. The Met bought the painting in 1997, and one of the things that drew me to the work was that it didn’t immediately announce what it was: a Caravaggio, only the second to enter the museum’s permanent collection and one of fewer than a dozen on public view in the United States.
Consider Two Decapitations reviews Bodies and Shadows: Caravaggio and his Legacy at LACMA.

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The Criminal Genius of Caravaggio
In one of the last pictures he ever painted, a grim and startling “Resurrection” altarpiece, Caravaggio showed a scrawny, bedraggled Jesus Christ slipping out of the tomb and making off alone by night, “like a criminal escaping from his guards,” in the words of an 18th-century Frenchman. Shock was the conventional response to this painting (eventually destroyed by earthquake, along with the church where it hung). The artist himself was on the run at the time, wanted for murder and so jittery that he slept in his clothes with a dagger always at hand. “Whatever he set out to paint,” Andrew Graham-Dixon writes in his gripping biography, “he always ended up painting himself.”
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