A modern war story
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FLAG is a unique anime series: a fictional war documentary told entirely through a camera lens.

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This post's first link goes to a playlist for the English dub.

FLAG is a thoughtful drama that covers many war-related issues, including the role propaganda plays in modern warfare. Most of the animation is intended to be realistic rather than stylized. Overt CGI is minimal, and even though it's described on Wikipedia as a "mecha-genre anime series" there isn't much mecha action.

All 13 episodes are shown through either a video or digital camera lens, photographic prints or webcam footage. This contributes to a documentary feel: footage looks as if it was compiled from multiple sources, captured as events unfolded.

* The Anime Review
* Nihon Review
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Thanks for this zarq. I feel like giving up on anime after seeing encountering so much junk lately but maybe flag will be different.
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You're welcome! It's definitely a different kind of anime. Not flashy.

IMDb also has a couple of reviews. The first contains a minor spoiler. The second is titled "Everything I Don't Like About Anime Is Missing."
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Says it is, but does not seem to actually be, dubbed.
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Japanese subtitles and no dub.
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I remember this. I can't remember if it kept up with the promise of the opening episodes, but I know I liked it.
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Yeah that YouTube playlist is not an English dub, for me at least. Interesting concept- does anyone have an English dub link?
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Directed by the same guy who did Gasaraki, which manages to be a thing I just-about-half-like. This looks like it has more of the realistic-approach-to-storytelling-about-conflict stuff with less of the "Let's be Evangelion-lite!" stuff, which I consider a good thing.
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Here's an english dub, although the audio sounds badly compressed.
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First four episodes available elsewhere on youtube in dubs. And full series in English subs here.

And it's fascinating, artistically as well as conceptually. Thanks Zarq.
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