4th place gets a QB Eagles candy bar from 1989
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Omg you guys, are you ready for "the big game"? Well, you'll never be as ready as Mort (yt:25mins, about as long as halftime), playing for the trophy at the annual Tecmo Super Bowl championship, held annually in Madison, WI. Not only is Tecmo Super Bowl alive and well, and being played competitively in its original form (complete with a missing Randall Cunningham), but it also continues to grow and evolve with modern teams and rosters.

… and you GOTTA check out this glorious companion magazine (pdf, deal with it) to go with Tecmo Super Bowl 2015
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A friend of mine has competed at this! He plays a LOT of tecmo bowl.
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Ah, the yearly game of sportball.
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I spent way too much time than I would have liked trying to figure out what this is and I didn't get anywhere so that's kind of annoying. It's like trying very hard to be aggressively obscure. Which is fine if that's your thing but this is a general audience.
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The video is following a number of people as they prepare for a tournament of "Tecmo Bowl", one of the first American football video games for Nintendo. And takes me back to my college dorm days in ways you can't imagine.
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Very cool little documentary.

I'm not surprised the game has continued to thrive in competition like this. I have a hard time playing modern football sim games... they're overly complicated and they lack that fast-paced arcade feel.

TSB, on the other hand, is a game that still holds up. It has a bit of luck involved to be sure, which is a good thing... but enough of it is skill-based, too. Good balance.

And it was a huge dorm game in my day, too, back when emulators were first on the scene (and the first emulators were out there that allowed games to be played peer-to-peer over networks). We used to have nights where there would be 5-10 games going at a time between different rooms on our floor. (The other popular game was old school Ice Hockey, which also still holds up today.)
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The Seahawks defeated themselves with that awful play call. How could you not go BEAST MODE when there's less than a minute left, you're down by 4 and the ball is on the one yard line????
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Oh, man. Christian Okoye trying to stop his Tecmo self. Amazing.
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This Kotaku article is pretty okay.

Also, Tecmo Geek.
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I have a hard time playing modern football sim games

Yeah, it all ended for me when EA/ Madden became the only game in town. I really enjoyed the alternatives back in the PS1/ PS2-era.
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