A History of Ideas
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A History of Ideas, animated, on YouTube. Philosophical concepts in under 2 minutes from the BBC Radio 4 programme | A History of Ideas, animated, on BBC Radio | All episodes, both animated and podcasts on BBC, downloadable. Narrated by Gillian Anderson and others. A fresh take on the History of Ideas as big subjects like beauty, freedom, technology and morality get dissected by a team of thinkers.
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So, Anderson pretty much only does BBC stuff now, I guess?
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Is 2 minutes, like, short enough? I mean for, like, today?
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This is the BBC; we think your animations are ideal for radio...

Actually, they're really nice.
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The Engines of Our Ingenuity from University Houston public radio. It's like writer's almanac for science geeks.
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Very interesting. Thanks for the links, nickyskye!

There's quite a variety of ideas here, from basic notions like Floridi's "Fourth Revolution" and an introduction to the Golden Ratio, to summaries of entire arguments like Burke's theory of The Sublime vs. The Beautiful, and Hobbe's views on the necessity of the social contract. And quite a few of them are just single problems like Kant's Axe or The Problem of Evil, that are surely meant to get you started thinking about the issues on your own.

It won't force you to think as hard as 60 Second Adventures in Thought (Previously.), but it's still a fun way to spend forty minutes or so. And it has Gillian Anderson, so there's that.
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