'90s Webcomics Revival! Seriously!
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"You Damn Kid", 'a comic strip for grownups about being a kid' by Owen Dunne, has officially returned. Originally published in a few alt-weeklies in the '90s before hitting the web in 1997 (then joining Keenspot in '99 where the oldest surviving archives are) and running until 2011. The new version is 'updated', with the aunts and uncles older and the eponymous "kid" now being the son of the original kid.

But wait! There's more! Another pioneering/long-running webcomic, Steve Troop's 'comic space opera' "Melonpool" is back with daily strips since October, and, like the Star Trek franchise*, has been given a reboot/prequel, showing how the cartoon aliens first got together before crashlanding on Earth (which was how the comic started in '96). The 15 years of old strips are now offline and in book form.
*the title character, despite living light years away, was always a big Trek fan and aspired unsuccessfully to be another Captain Kirk
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Still waiting for that Space Moose revival...
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I read "Melonpool" as "Pontypool" for a second and was confused
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I loved "You Damn Kid" back in the day.
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What is the longest continually running webcomic out there? Sluggy Freelance?
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Still waiting for that Space Moose revival...

If for no other reason than the ensuing drama.
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What is the longest continually running webcomic out there?
TV Tropes has that covered. (standard warning: clicking further into TVT is a bottomless pit; also TVT does not have a listing or a page for That Darn Kid, so may have other obvious gaps in Webcomics knowledge) But this and every other allegedly reliable source on the first page of a Google search for "long running webcomic" says the oldest still-updated webcomic is the furry/geek Kevin and Kell, which will celebrate its 20th anniversary in September. Beyond that, it gets fuzzy (and often more furry).
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