Sadly no Thomas-Alexandre Dumas
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My favorite parts of history (as might be obvious from my choice of subject matter when making books) are the ones that fall into easily-categorized genres, genres with associated visual iconographies. This is the sort of stuff I loved as a kid: pirates, knights, cowboys, explorers, romans and Egyptians and flying aces. Stuff you could find featured in a bag of toys or a generic costume.
Chris Schweizer draws epic badasses from history, featuring Matthew Henson, the first man to reach the North Pole, Queen Nanny of the Windward Maroons, Joseph Bologne, Le Chevalier de Saint George, Josephine Baker and ten more. Also available as a high resolution poster download for non-commercial purposes.
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Bass Reeves ... crack shot, ace detective, and master of disguise

I would think his epic moustache would give him away

This is very cool, though
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This is fantastic; I learned about some awesome new people today. Thanks for sharing!
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He never received an injury, though over the course of his career he was in fourteen shootouts in which he killed fourteen men, all of whom drew first (Reeves would not draw his gun unless he felt he had to use it, feeling that it would increase the likelihood of a violent outcome).
First thought: "Wow, that's more than Fiore!" (Yes I am a nerd).
Second thought: Imagine if cops today felt that way about drawing their guns.
That truly is badass.
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I would think his epic moustache would give him away

This is very cool, though

It wasn't THAT epic, but a good one.

Most cool, and kudos on the share!
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Did anyone ever consider the possibility that perhaps the moustache itself was a disguise?
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It's a four bullet bandolier made from muskrat that attaches to his philtrum, as was the custom of the time.
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