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All About Dominique, the Catman of Key West, FL. Please do not miss the section concerning his clowning days.
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Dominique's cat GIF is almost as unnerving as his gaze. Anyone who can honestly say "The VELOCIPEDE was my TRADEMARK along with my LAUGH" is likely doing things right, however.
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Found a video:
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This man has successfully herded cats. So he's definitely doing something right.

Also, his website has a guestbook, and people are still 'signing' it! I like that kind of stubborn refusal to change.
posted by dis_integration at 7:07 AM on February 6, 2015

I love Key West.

Not only has the man herded cats, he gets a score of people to watch that act for 12 minutes each evening. I had to stop polywomps video. I just could not take it anymore.
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The flaming hoop finale is really something though.
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Went back to watch the flaming hoop finale. It met expectations.
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that's no, rou dou dou
cats thru flaming hulu hoop
I say no no no
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I first saw him in the mid to late 80s; can't believe he's still doing his act. I wonder if the Rasta Yogi guy is still there. I guess I need to go back and find out for myself.

And I did sign the guestbook.
posted by TedW at 7:36 AM on February 6, 2015

I have watched his act several times over the past several years. He is masterful in the way that he works the crowd and keeps the cats doing their thing while hundreds of semi-drunk sunburned tourists stumble around him. My kids love the man and do imitations of his catchphrases: "go back to your seat! Stay where you are! Clap clap clap!"
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Still more compelling than the last season of American Horror Story.
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I ordered his first DVD years ago, but looks like there's a new one. [fires up Paypal]
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Wow, I had no idea about his story.
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I've watched the act several times, and part of the fun is that he himself seems a bit of an amiable train wreck.
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I read that he put his daughter through college (UCLA) on the money he made doing those shows.
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Toxoplasmosis is a hell of a drug parasite.
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I saw him a couple years back in Key West. It was the most uncomfortable busker show I've seen. I mean Andy Kaufman levels of cringe and uncertainty. I really couldn't tell if he was crazy, just an ordinary street performer gone a little off, or a man deeply committed to the uncanny valley of frightening clowns. Most of the rest of the audience was similarly baffled: a little entertained, a little repulsed. It was remarkable.
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