Manic Miner
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Manic Miner Believe me when I say that suddenly every British reader who had a computer in the 1980s has started to grin. Well here it is, just one click away. What the heck was that yellow thing in the 'Central Cavern'? Also at this Java ZX Spectrum Emulator site, see the sequel Jet Set Willy. [via linkmachinego]
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Thanks Feelinglistless. I admit to never having played anything on the ZX Spectrum platform. Didn't get awfully far in Manic Miner. I will give this to Miner Willy, though: He keeps his cool under pressure. Whether jumping over big yellow guys, or dodging small harmless-looking plants, he never breaks out of a casual stroll.
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And here he is on the Gameboy Advance
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This link reminded me of the game that turned me on to computers, back when my dad let me use his Arpanet account. I am showing my age...
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Superb! Cheers feelinglistless.

My favourite Spectrum game was Daley Thompson's Decathelon, but it was the ruin of the 'n' and 'm' keys on that ol' rubber keyboard, especially when we took a ping pong ball to them to achieve superhuman times in the 100m (Under 7 seconds!).
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