The flamenco of Sevilla
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Soleá follows an aspiring flamenco guitarist around the streets of Sevilla. "Ten years playing for dancers, ten years playing for singers, and, afterward, you can begin to become a soloist." A short video from The New Yorker (alt link).
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This is really terrific and the comments are relevant to anyone working in the arts.
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He went to Sevilla for a month and now he has been there for thirteen years. Bravo.
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Lovely, thanks.
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Ah, this makes me want to revisit Seville, a truly wonderful place. I had the good fortune to see a Flamenco show in a small little back alley club while I was there - I feared it would be touristy, but it was mesmerizing and beautiful. I had been thinking of it as primarily a dance art, but was struck by the importance of the guitarist and the singer. Thanks for posting this great clip, carter.
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I love this, and (as you can tell from my prior post) I am loving the short slice-of-life documentary films that internet distribution is making possible. I could watch many more of these.
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That's my teacher! He is such a great guy, and his teaching completely turned my approach to flamenco guitar around. Neat!
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