Director/filmmaker Mamoru Oshii interviewed at TIFF 2014
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Mamoru Oshii, writer/director/filmmaker of famous anime such as Mobile Police Patlabor, Ghost in the Shell (both the original movie as well as the sequel Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence is interviewed at TIFF 2014.

While I love the whole Ghost in the Shell universe, my favorite of Oshii's works is actually Urusei Yatsura Movie 2: Beautiful Dreamer (which was recently re-released on BluRay in January 2015) because Oshii took Rumiko Takahashi's well-known characters from the UY world and gave us a 'Groundhog Day' movie (but many years before 'Groundhog Day.)
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I had forgotten that Oshii did Beautiful Dreamer. It was the most beautiful film of its time, and it's still gorgeous. And despite done people's criticisms that it's not really an Urusei Yatsura film, I think the characterization was very good as well.
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Oshii is probably my favorite (living) director. Every film of his that I've seen has been beautiful and fantastic. His style is so unique, his scripts are so intelligent and the atmosphere is something you can just soak in, like a hot bath during a spring rain.

Angel's Egg
(the early one with Yoshitaka Amano and an incredible, haunting score by Yoshihiro Kanno*) and The Sky Crawlers are probably my favorites.

*Alternate version of the film with a live score performed by post-rock band My Education at the Austin Alamo Drafthouse. This is more of a curiosity than a replacement; you should absolutely watch the original first.
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Omigosh yes thank you for this will be watching now.
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