Time Lines (Don't Don't Chart It)
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Vistorica: dynamic timelines of European history, 1500-2000.

The project concentrates on charting the life spans of prominent figures in a variety of cultural categories. For example:

-European bankers and entrepreneurs, 1500-1750
-Dutch poets of the 1700s
-French military figures of the 16th century
-Victorian engineers

It's also possible to lay out timelines of inventions, cultural achievements, and wars, but for now this functionality seems restricted to Germany, France, and Britain.
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(A couple of caveats:

-Most of the data was derived from Wikipedia, including the little black "relative importance" meters for cultural figures. The usual Wiki warnings apply.
-This is a pretty top-down, Great Man glance at history. I would use it more as a method of orientation than as a map.)
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