"Garrison Keillor for the young and expensively educated"
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Don't tell Gary the Squirrel about that Garrison Keillor comparison; Hodgman will never hear the end of it.
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Is it possible to get this as an RSS feed to add to a podcast app?
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I think this was actually the first podcast I ever listened to, I stuck the episodes on my 256 mb mp3 player using iPodder Lemon.

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Oh, man, I've been obsessed with Little Gray Books for ever and relisten to them often.

Despite D&D loyalty, my favorite episode is not How to Generate a Winning Character, but rather the
Countries of Europe Described, which eponymous tome I was delighted to find on Archive.org.
The ladies [of Germany] are very industrious, and wherever they go they take their knitting. They are as fond of their knitting-needles as the gentlemen are of their pipes. The number of stockings they make would surprise you. How much better to knit than to smoke !
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Is it possible to get this as an RSS feed to add to a podcast app?

Yes, I found this podcast feed on the Little Gray Books site. Copy and paste that feed link into your podcast client to subscribe.

(For what it's worth, you can also use Huffduffer to create your own personal podcast of whatever mp3 files you find around the web. Just paste links to any mp3 into your Huffduffer account and it'll download to any device that's subscribed to your feed.)
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Oh, god. 'Secrets of the Secret Agents.' Something I have insisted on introducing to - some may say inflicting upon - the best of my friends. Even now, ten years on, my iTunes library is scattered with songs whose genre is listed as 'Spy Rock.' I adore this lecture series and am compelled to return to it with regularity.

Also, the metadata for my copy of 'Bright Eyes' credits it to Art Garfunkel's 1981 record 'Songs for Dead and Dying Rabbits.'

I didn't spot it linked to above, so please feel free to avail yourself of this copy of the lost(?) Little Gray Book Lecture, 'How To Communicate Without the Aid of Wires'.
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My apologies - that should be the 'How to Communicate Without the Aid of Wires'.

Missed the edit window.
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