Tiny Sounds
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Gone With A Trace (pop-up audio warning): a 20-min. audio documentary about photographer Richard Misrach (previously) and the objects he finds along the US/Mexico border, which are then turned into musical instruments by Guillermo Galindo. There's an accompanying photo slide on cbc's The Current site.
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Related: "When you see a pair of baby shoes left in the desert, it changes your perspective about who these people are and what crossing through the desert must have been like," says Dr. José Antonio Lucero, a professor of political science at the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies. "The power of these objects makes this issue more human and real."
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Thank you! I love Misrach. I have a few of his books and they are entrancing.
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Any links to the music without all the talking?
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I did a installation piece for him at the SF ferry building in the 90's. It weirded out some people living in the area, sounds of children at 4AM coming out of the sky. You did not notice it unless you were listening for it during the day. I made a giant paper mache ear for the window display on the ground floor.
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