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Letter from Ernest Hemingway’s widow could solve Cuban farmhouse mystery. [The Guardian]
The mystery of whether Ernest Hemingway’s widow volunteered or was coerced into leaving their Cuban house to the nation has come a step closer to being solved, with the discovery of a letter in which she states that her late husband “would be pleased” that Finca Vigía be “given to the people of Cuba … as a centre for opportunities for wider education and research”.

The letter from Mary Hemingway to to her husband Ernest’s friend Roberto Herrera. Photograph: Alexander Historial Auctions
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Ernest loved Cubans.
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Ernest loved Cubans.

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Also, Daiquiris.
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One of my writing teachers told my an apocryphal story about a colleague's time in a class taught by Henry Kissinger.

The class was given a writing assignment, and the colleague received his back with the note, "Needs Revision". So, the paper was dutifully revised for content, style and grammar, and re-submitted. Again, it was returned with the note, "Needs revision". This happened several more times, until finally, the exasperated student went to Kissinger and stated that he had revised his paper six times now, and couldn't he get a little more feedback than just, "Needs revision"?

Kissinger looked at him and replied, "You've revised it six times? Now I'll read it."
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A humorous aside but I'm really confused about the reference to Henry Kissinger in a thread about Ernest Hemingway, or did I miss something?!
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Fizz: Nerdler is referencing the title of this post.
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