Charlie's Angels vs. intellectual property theft?
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Strangely, it seems they're violating their own principles with that graphic...
posted by owillis at 12:10 AM on April 27, 2000

It's the Danger Girls, actually, not Charlie’s Angels -- please don't ask how I know. :)

I sent several of the folks a gentle note explaining that they were breaking the very laws they hoped to educate others about, and included a link to Ten Big Myths About Copyright Explained. I also pointed out that at least one of their members ( is also breaking copyright with another Danger Girls image.

[This one looks suspicious to me also, but I don’t know enough about anime to recognise if it’s a rip or not.]

I strongly believe in standing up against intellectual property theft, but it seems the folks at, for all their hearts being in the right places, need to clean up their own backyards first.

posted by Georgina at 5:48 AM on April 27, 2000

Now they've updated, claiming they have express permission to use the graphic. Y'know, a little "used by permission" would go a long way to easing tensions and misunderstandings ... :)
posted by dhartung at 11:27 AM on April 27, 2000

You'd think so, wouldn't you?

I'm kinda disappointed they went for the public slam, especially since the private email I got back (from the same person, even) was polite and thankful.

Ahh, well. Whatever floats their boat.

posted by Georgina at 12:45 AM on April 28, 2000

I found this far too late for my post to be of any use to anyone, but I thought that I'd at least try to defend a project which I'm involved in.

Stop, Thief! was formed after one of us had her site - design, concept, and code - ripped off one too many times. It is, as I'm sure you'll understand, extremely annoying and frustrating to see something you've put all of your time into taken from someone else and used in its entirity, passed off as their own work - and this is what we wanted to help put a stop to.

We aren't lawyers, and do not claim to be, but we certainly aren't stupid, and we know the difference between using an image with permission to represent our cause - i.e, the Danger Girl picture which we did get permission to use, even though that apparently makes us look like hypocrites - and taking an image from someone elses' website and saying, "Look what I made all by myself!"

Re: the use of a Danger Girl image on the site of one of our members. If it were me I wouldn't have used it in the first place, and it's not my place to comment on her use of the image.
posted by sammy at 1:14 AM on May 19, 2000

oh for god's sake... i certainly find the most amusing nonsense when random-surfing. georgina, the so called "gentle note" you sent was nothing but condescending prattle and you know it. we asked for and were granted permission by the artist who creates and owns the dangergirl comic book and we've got the official correspondence to prove it. what a sad reflection on your personal character that you needed to gossip and meddle even after you were notified of the facts.
posted by t r a c y at 4:02 PM on December 8, 2000

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