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Open Mind - "This is a website with numerous peer-reviewed philosophical texts covering a wide range of topics and disciplines that are available for free. This means that the texts are not restricted to the use of academics and students in the developed world who can afford to download them, but are available to anyone, anywhere."

Besides offering a cross-section of ongoing, cutting-edge research in philosophy and cognitive science, this collection is also intended to be a free electronic resource for teaching. It therefore also contains a selection of online supporting materials, pointers to video and audio files and to additional free material supplied by the 92 authors represented in this volume. We will add more multimedia material, a searchable literature database, and tools to work with the online version in the future. All contributions to this collection are strictly open access. They can be downloaded, printed, and reproduced by anyone.

To read the papers, click on the PDF for any paper.

About Open Mind [pdf]

What Does it Mean to Have an Open Mind? [pdf]
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This is awesome. I just started a reading group with a bunch of friends, working through Metzinger's Being No One about 30 pages at a time. Was not surprised at all to see his name right at the top of the papers list. This will be an amazing supplemental resource.
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[insert gratuitous Žižek joke]
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Lot of really good stuff there.
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Metzinger is the founder and director of the MIND Group that operates this collection.
posted by Sangermaine at 8:20 PM on February 15, 2015 [1 favorite] was a somewhat similar idea co-created by David Chalmers, I believe, except most papers are not open. It had a good discussion forum, where several known philosophers often participated. Two good philosophy of mind discussions that I recall enjoying:


The 'Explanatory Gap'

David Chalmers website is also a good resource for phil. of mind.
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Philpapers is still going, isn't it? Philosophy of mind resources do tend to peter out, like poor Psyche a few years back. That said, I see the ASSC, which used to sponsor Psyche, is now backing a new OUP journal.

Silly blogs go on forever, of course.
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That is no silly blog, or else every blog is stupid. It's a fantastic blog, and justifies the internet like a lamed wufnik. It is beautifully written, too (in my humble).
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Man, I've been looking for a good way to stay connected to the philosophy of mind as I've moved in an ever more technical direction. This is exactly what I needed. And the fact that the whole thing is offered as an epub? Icing on the cake...
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