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Why Chance The Rapper Is Forgoing Solo Fame To Make Jazzy Songs With Friends (Chance previously)

"He came up in a small, tightly knit creative community and is now instinctively using the cultural capital he's earned to sustain that same circle. It's only revolutionary when you look at it through the lens of a bent industry that has built its business model around severing stars from the scenes that birthed them. In a better world, it would be a given that making music for the sake of the music comes before marketing yourself, that community is more valuable than celebrity." --By (the great and powerful) Noz

Some excerpts from the soon to be released "Surf" record are up on Soundcloud, including "No Better Blues" "Sunday Candy", and a cover of the Arthur theme song.
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Chance the Rapper is just fantastic, I dragged a bunch of friends to watch him at a festival in Paris two summers ago, they complained I was making them miss Alt-J but were converted by the end of his set!
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Whoo, I just listened to the track Lady Friend, which I guess was released last weekend, and quite liked it. Definitely looking forward to this album.
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"forgoing solo fame" may be a bit overstated. It's going to be his fame primarily that gets this project noticed, and these days it takes less than a full-length to be a solo performer with some buzz. I suspect Chance could put out any number of individual solo tracks on Soundcloud and be right back in the middle of "solo fame". He's really quite good and people are still checking for him.

I can't listen to this right now but I'm intrigued. In my imagination I'm imagining this as Chance going in the direction of a younger The Roots.
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From "Acid Rain"
sometimes the truth don't rhyme
Ain't that the truth.
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Great post! Another young Chicago rapper to watch: Vic Mensa. Check out his latest song with Kaytranada (a young Montreal producer who is pretty amazing himself).
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Another line from Acid Rap:
What's better than eating is feeding your fam
Looks like he's putting his money where his mouth is.
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Fun Vic Mensa fact - his name is actually Victor Mensah!

Anyway I really really like these guys though I know a few people who surprisingly don't. I dunno, I think introspective rappers with weird voices are great. If anyone hasn't heard Acid Rap - which is free - at least listen to the cathartic closing (almost) title track. Or a fun one with Chance and Vic and a bunch of other people.
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