Not miniature, just small.
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Want to make something just for you and your sweetie? Maybe two tiny cheesecakes? One dozen cookies? Four cupcakes? Small-batch baking blog Dessert for Two has you covered.
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I, too, thought I did not need this knowledge, but then I saw the chocolate chip cookies baked in mini cast iron pans, and I totally need to try that. Well, honestly I'm just going to use the pan I already have, but still, why had I never thought to do this? Tomorrow after we sled, again, I am going to bake cookies in my cast-iron pan, heck I may even throw some marshmallows in - miniature, of course.
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Delicious little snack of a website, an excellent resource.

I've decided to do the irrational, human thing and blame the OP directly for my now-inevitable spiral into hyperglycemia, blindness and early demise.
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Years ago when snowed in with nothing to do I made a command decision to get really high, because why not? Not too long after I discovered that I had a need for indulgent snackie foods and I decided that needed to make cheesecake. The problem was I only had a little cream cheese. So with the help of an epicurious recipe, a calculator, and a food scale, I turned the two ounces of cream cheese on hand into the world's smallest cheesecake.

I sculpted the pie tin out of aluminum foil using a can of beans as a casting form. I tried to work out an ad hoc springform pan, but it wasn't going to happen. I lined the pan with a graham cracker crust made from maybe a quarter of a graham cracker. I scaled down the other ingredients. The egg was the hardest part, it was some outrageous fraction like 7/16th of an egg that I had to measure out.

I baked it, this cheesecake barely larger than a Reese's peanut butter cup. I used a hot water bath, because there's nothing worse than your silver dollar cheesecake having a dried and cracked top. I had some raspberries that I mashed with a fork on a skillet on low heat with a pinch of sugar and a couple drops of lemon juice long enough that the pectins thickened them up into a spreadable topping.

I still remember that feeling of anticipation of taking it out of the oven, waiting for that tiny cheesecake to cool down. Then, the feeling of popping the entire thing in my mouth, all at once, chewing it maybe ten or twelve times, and swallowing the whole of it; four hours of work, ten seconds of bliss. That was something else.
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How to make a dozen chocolate chip cookies:

Preheat oven. Make your regular recipe (hint it doesn't contain shortening or (what the hell?) instant coffee). Separate the dough into two equal portions. Eat one portion raw. Make the rest into cookies.
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I make gigantic batches of cookies, bake one or two dozen, and then portion the rest and freeze them so I can have cookies another day, without having to make them, apart from the baking. It's really awesome having frozen cookies in the freezer, ready to go!
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Cookies are a lot like liquor in this house. The portion size is whatever is on hand. We don't do leftovers.
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Seconding the frozen, portioned cookie dough in the freezer technique! It's awesome to decide you really need a couple of cookies and be able to make literally only a couple of cookies at a time... Instead of my baking a whole batch and following my usual habit of eating one on every pass through the kitchen.
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