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I don't know what's more impressive: the acrobatic ability, the comedic timing, or her ability to stay in character through the whole damn thing.
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Agreed - the commitment to character elevated this from an excellent routine to a hilarious routine. Real virtuoso performance.
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they do an outstanding job not showing you how difficult any of this is. You could make this comment for basically any acrobatic routine, so let's up the stakes: I want you to imagine you've just done a really hard workout. Now, you're going to hang from a taped pullup bar for 30 seconds. While you do this, another adult is going to climb off the bar and down you adding their weight to yours. While this is happening, you're going to smile and not breathe heavily. At the end of the 30 seconds, you may let go, but only after letting go of one hand first for a few seconds.

That was the end of this routine. Ow.
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Absolutely brilliant.
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I shared this video and a friend shared back this great video from 1951 of Larry Griswold, The Diving Fool.
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Aren't they good. Looks like Sabine Maier studied in Bristol at Fooltime, which later kind of evolved into Circomedia.

I've seen kids get their training at the circus school and while I'd say all of the moves shown in the video are doable by a gifted 19-year-old with a couple of year's training...that says more about the extremely rigorous strength-based training the circus school puts them through than anything else. I think they had to do two-three hours of 'body-conditioning' a day, apart from other practice.

I used to hate watching dangerous acts though. I'd rather see something clever and well-made and safe than any amount of risk. A kid I know was at circus school in France when a boy killed himself during practice attempting a triple somersault.
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I've sen these two live at Teatro Zinzanni. The female performer kept the character up all night long, from 30 minutes before the show until dinner was over. She went around pouring water, topping glasses up to overflowing and then looking at them in detached amazement. Really a fantastic act & show.
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And even more funny while I watched it without my pants on.
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