Tales for The L33t presents 'Romeo and Juliet' (flash, ~5min)
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Tales for The L33t presents 'Romeo and Juliet' (flash, ~5min) Here's a classic of literature presented in new, revised language to reflect these changing times. It's quite possibly the most ineptly produced flash animation I've ever seen- yet I can't say I wasn't rather entertained. Wildly fluctuating production values, a "soundtrack" that cuts in an out randomly, character animation so bad it had to be intentional, and dialogue that... well. You really have to see it to believe it.
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My apologies if this has been making the email rounds, since I hadn't seen it until a friend pointed me towards it today, nor did I find it in a MeFi search. Google says it's been around for a while, though.
posted by hincandenza at 6:07 PM on February 12, 2002

Saw it on filepile a while ago. In that regard:

[this is good]
posted by Hankins at 6:19 PM on February 12, 2002

This is really funny. Not quite enough jokes to keep it from getting a bit slow, but the good parts are really good.
posted by bingo at 6:54 PM on February 12, 2002

I could have sworn this was on metafilter, mostly because I sent this to all my friends this a long time ago. I spent a while searching and couldn't find it either... someone with more capable abilities help!

Not that I have a driving urge to stamp out double posts, it's just I know it was on here and it's driving me crazy.
posted by geoff. at 7:07 PM on February 12, 2002

Stick-figure Mercutio is quite possibly the greatest badass in the history of Flash.
posted by darukaru at 7:14 PM on February 12, 2002

That's 'merctio', you FUXOR. And geoff., I searched vigilantly for it on MeFi- maybe you just remember seeing it, and assume it must have been on MeFi.
posted by hincandenza at 7:21 PM on February 12, 2002

You're probably thinking of This Thread. Well past the statute or limitations and a bear to find in any case, but I can't pass up a search challenge.
posted by willnot at 7:41 PM on February 12, 2002

Well, this is the first time I've seen it.

He could have compressed the audio a bit more...it was a killer to download at 56k.
posted by tpoh.org at 8:19 PM on February 12, 2002

and here.
posted by rebeccablood at 8:23 PM on February 12, 2002

why is the type too small to read on IE 5 for Mac?
posted by ParisParamus at 8:39 PM on February 12, 2002

Paris try This. It should expand to the size of your browser window.
posted by willnot at 8:44 PM on February 12, 2002

What should I have done to my Browser to do that myself?

If any case, a complete waste of time. Too long. Impressed with the music quality, however.

And what was that reference to Paris?!
posted by ParisParamus at 9:01 PM on February 12, 2002

View Source, and the embed tag points towards the actual flash file without any of the shrinkage the HTML file causes.
posted by willnot at 9:08 PM on February 12, 2002

As for the fluctuating s/t, seems to be meant as a riff on Luhrmann's film - that's where the Radiohead fits in at least. Been a while since I watched this so I can't remember if there's other DeCaprio/Danes s/t material references.
posted by videodrome at 9:34 PM on February 12, 2002

- mercushido
posted by jcterminal at 10:10 PM on February 12, 2002

Is it possible that there were no anti-Microsoft statements?
posted by panopticon at 10:21 PM on February 12, 2002

Huh- I searched on "romeo" in the threads only for a full year, and it never turned up. I also searched on "l33t", but it too didn't work- because that link used l33+, which isn't even the spelling the flash creator(s) used. If I'd searched on l33, it would have come up, though.

So yeah, it's been linked before, but man- if the MeFi search were quicker or didn't time out on full (threads and comments) searches, we all would do more thorough and alternative spellings.
posted by hincandenza at 10:47 PM on February 12, 2002

I enjoyed this tremendously. The ineptness makes it more effective. I didn't get a lot of the language but I do know he play fairly well and found it very clever and faithful in an off-beat way. Cheers, hincandenza.
posted by MiguelCardoso at 12:53 AM on February 13, 2002

The kool aid guy is the best. OH YEAH!
posted by brand-gnu at 7:01 AM on February 13, 2002

but if it had been found in the search, we wouldn't have all seen it again... what a quandry!
posted by o2b at 8:16 AM on February 13, 2002

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