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Have you ever wanted your own teeming swarm of vermin? Do you enjoy compulsively clicking on buttons and watching numbers go up? Then Swarm Simulator is the game for you!
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I know I'm going to regret clicking this link.. Idle games are too addictive and unrewarding.
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Not this again. While I was gone, my swarm produced 626.528 sextillion meat, so I got that going for me.
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Why can't they just make an idle game with the same framework and increments, but for which you can endlessly switch skins? So instead of this being about raising a swarm, it could equally be about selling ice cream, terraforming Mars, or cornering the iron ore market in the late Roman Republic? You just choose whichever setting takes your fancy and spend the next few hours cursing that you can't afford the next ice cream stand upgrade/interplanetary probe/waterwheel improvement level.

It would be the idle game to end all idle games. Forever.
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this is becoming too complicated for my little brain ... all i wanted to do was mindlessly click and produce cookies ..

now there is meat and territory and larvae and queens and what nots ... what is the optimum route .. why do i have to choose between producing queens or getting swarmlings or stingers or stuff ... what should i do? what should i do?


I might as well just fire up rail road tycoon or eve online and use excel as it is meant to.
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Have you ever wanted your own teeming swarm of vermin?

No, I've always said I would rather write code than be promoted into management.
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man, keep feeling bugs in my hair
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I've never more wanted one of these incremental games to come with graphics. And sound. Particularly sound.
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Am I the only one chanting "Swarm is the master! I work for Swarm! SWARM! SWARM!" (Thank you, Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends for that little earworm)
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I'm just clicking things and waiting, it's just like SimCity Buildit except it doesn't want me to spend $99 to buy 50 more drones.
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If only there were a way to feed these little fuckers on all my goddamn tangerines.
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man, keep feeling bugs in my hair

man/woman, if you're sure that's what you want, I will.
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I've been playing this for a few days (It topped the incremental games subreddit earlier this week), and in case you're wondering about how long this game goes... be warned, there is easily several weeks worth of obsessive clicking in this, especially with the reset/prestige mechanism and the upgrades that come along with that.

Mods, can we have a mandatory "NSFL" warning on all incremental games please? Thanks.
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Yessssss I was just thinking recently that I've been missing a good incremental game since I lost interest in Clicker Heroes. I'm not so big on bugs, but hey, I'll take it.
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There went my night.
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I think I'm getting the hang of this!

-- caption for poorly understood New Yorker cartoon.
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I've only tried 4 or so of these, and this is my fav since the Breaking Bad click game.

Swarms away! I have billions of greater queens!
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I think Incremental Games are potentially a real problem. (Well for me at least) It sort of feels like achieving something, but only a little bit. It totally hooks into the reward section of the brain in tiny drips, but not actually the fun section. Well, fun at first, but only at first.
Addiction researchers should study them alongside heroin.
There needs to be one which reminds you how much of you r life you are wasting "playing" it.

(And yes, I will play this one. Of course I will how can I not!)
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The first incremental browser games were sort of jokes about the stupid and addictive nature of this kind of game, boiling down the "gameplay" of things like Mafia Wars and Farmville into their awful, most simplistic skinner boxes. That's why these games don't have graphics; the hideousness of them is supposed to be more obvious without flashing lights and sounds dressing them up. It's interesting that even something so spare can still seem so compelling.

What's missing from the browser incrementals is a social feature, where you're sharing your cookies/swarms/drugs with your friends in a way that creates social ties and obligations. Once someone figures that out, we're doomed.
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My new band name is going to be "Constrained by Larva".
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