The Best Thing Before Sliced Bread/The Unexpected Virtue of Orange Pants
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Mashable's 'The Watercooler' YouTube channel teamed up with Sesame Street to bring us two marvelously Muppety short videos in two days.
First, Cookie Monster visits New York's museums and has deep thoughts about food (via Reddit's r/showerthoughts).
Then, in a scene very reminiscent of a certain Oscar-nominated movie, Muppeteer Caroll Spinney deals with his most famous alter ego in "Big Birdman"
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Wow, those were both pretty great. Thanks for posting!
posted by Ipsifendus at 8:07 PM on February 19, 2015

so so awesome. Cookie Monster is a sage.
Which is also something I bake with.
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no no no, you fry bacon. so it's really: you fry bacon, bake cookies, and cook fries.
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Orange pants? Rutger Hauer in 'Spetters'.
posted by GallonOfAlan at 12:17 AM on February 20, 2015

That Caroll Spinney piece just have me goosebumps so strong all my long johns are no longer touching my body.
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(and I haven't even seen Birdman!)
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I have noticed that a lot of fancy hamburgers are served with tomato jam recently.
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"Maybe I should have done that Raymond Carver play."
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"Lasgana is spaghetti-flavored cake"
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I would totally watch a feature-length "Big Birdman"
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I trust in us enough not to use the Cookie Monster video as an excuse to re-hash "is cereal a soup?"
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More from Mashable's Watercooler and Sesame Street: W-ORD Channel 7 News With John Oliver & Cookie Monster (plus outtakes), featuring Nick Offerman doing a crossword and Al Roker reporting on word trends (then "storming off," get it? No?) when Cookie Monster questions his pronunciation of GIF.
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I love the big post modern take that Sesame Street has always done, but esp, lately, it makes the ironic, or cynical or dark into this earnest, hopeful light. it is funny, delightful magic. I want cookie monster to look thru dutch still lives
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A Lovely Summer Day, with Zachery Levi and Bert.
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If tomatoes are a fruit, that makes ketchup a jam!

Avocado is a naturally-occurring pudding.

Salt is a foodstuff that comes out of a mine.

You shouldn't say "a roast beef sandwich with English mustard." Instead, it's "an English mustard sandwich with roast beef."

How in the world did anyone invent bread?

It seems funny that Jello isn't vegetarian.

Food is just a vehicle -- what we eat is sunlight.
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Caroll Spinney is one of the kindest, most charming people it's ever been my pleasure to meet. He let me hug Oscar the Grouch, fulfilling one of my deepest lifelong dreams.
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I'm sure Oscar secretly loved it, but loudly complained every second.
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Cookie Monster is so high.
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