I prefer to be called a hacker.
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I Know This! is a game about movie-hacking. (via)

Gameplay is simple: use the arrow keys to move to a search node (pink block) and press enter/return, then type things on your keyboard until you start seeing red text, then backspace until you have just green text. Then hit enter/return. Do that another 9 times. Then progress to a new search node (pink blocks) and try again, until you narrow down where your target data is.

Ostensibly for Windows, Mac, and Linux, but the Linux build is taken down right now, and the OSX build has a bug where the search percentages are stuck at 100%. Keep an eye on it for updates!
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And, a new game to look at, annnnnnd I'm doing a Linux day today. [sigh]
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But will it appeal to the data travelers, electro-wizards, and techno-anarchists?
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Uppity Pigeon #2: "But will it appeal to the data travelers, electro-wizards, and techno-anarchists?"

It is data and it is FREE. It is also open source.

What else do they need? (Also, pretty sure the console cowboys would like it too.)
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If you read the comments on the link, the author of fsn (the 3d file browser inspiring this) actually drops by! Now I'm just sad Unity doesn't run on IRIX.
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If you have IRIX, why don't you just use fsn?

People eyerolling at that scene seriously gets on my nerves. There are so many movies to make fun of, and you pick the one with the half-way decent representation of technology?
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Also: Dinosaurs!
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That was fun. Short but enjoyable. I wish it had implemented more Unix-Y cursor line editing.
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