This is unbelievable!
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This is unbelievable! Make sure you read about Mike and Craig's adventures at the Adult Expo in Las Vegas. Talk about taking medicine to the sick. Thought provoking, to say the least. (This link is work-safe.)
posted by ooklah (13 comments total)

Pet gripe: I surf with javascript off for general sites, and add javascript to sites that deserve it. This site is completly unusuable with javascript disabled. You cannot even navigate past the front page.

posted by phatboy at 8:11 PM on February 12, 2002


I like how they're asking for "under 18" trafic, from people clicking on "if you're under 18 click here"... who the hell does that?! I certanly didn't when I was under 18.
posted by delmoi at 8:13 PM on February 12, 2002

I'll be damned. Christians who actually practice the teachings of Christ. What will they think of next?
posted by Optamystic at 8:22 PM on February 12, 2002

I think having a rabbit as an anti-sex mascot is probably counterproductive.
posted by solistrato at 8:34 PM on February 12, 2002

When I was a young and naïve rabbit, I made a lot of mistakes in the briar patch.

Ah, Rex speaks for all of us...
posted by pudders at 8:46 PM on February 12, 2002

A link to xxxchurch isn't work-safe because you might get blocked like I just did.

Well, it's not sysop-safe, anyway.Yes, they are tightassed around here.
posted by BarneyFifesBullet at 8:54 PM on February 12, 2002

Not just for Christian wackos!
posted by tcobretti at 9:34 PM on February 12, 2002

This site is a confusing bunch of nothing. I must be missing the point. Where are the naked women?
posted by MaddCutty at 9:40 PM on February 12, 2002

"Unbelievable" sums it up for me, too.
posted by rushmc at 9:48 PM on February 12, 2002

If God takes web design techniques into account on Judgement Day, these guys are headed straight to hell. I'm sure there's a message in that site somewhere, but it's buried behind all those separate popup windows that ought to be organized on a single page, animated gifs with inscutable titles, etc.
posted by aaron at 10:39 PM on February 12, 2002

this site is impossible to navigate through. i finally found the video here from the adult expo LV show referenced in the FPP and unfortunately it's as bad as the site.
posted by suprfli at 2:23 AM on February 13, 2002

oh, the "porn is evil' crowd, yeah.

ooklah - since the site is very difficult to navigate, can you provide an actual link to the specific page you referred to - i.e., "adventures at the Adult Expo"?
posted by yesster at 8:15 AM on February 13, 2002

I met these guys at the expo. They were nice and smart and tolerant. I was impressed.
I wish all people who wanted to change me did so with the respect that these guys did.

I didn't change my ways, but they made mutual respect possible.

Funny side note: their booth was placed next to a German gay bondage film distributer.

I don't have my interview with XXXchurch digitized yet, but if I dare self link, here is my interview with Chloe from the Expo (NOT work safe.)
posted by halcyon at 10:05 AM on February 13, 2002

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