Leisuretown: The Lost Episodes
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Leisuretown (probably NSFW) (previouslies), the webcomic created by Tristan A. Farnon (aka Spigot of Jerkcity), includes several 'flipbooks' that have been broken and unviewable on the site for some time. Working direct links to these lost stories have been discovered, including one that was slightly losterer than the others. (link to dickmissles's tumblr is also NSFW, due to large amounts of Jerkcity comics and fanart)
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I feel like Gandalf finding an anicent rune he saw but once a lifetime ago.
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I wonder if the donation page still works.
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NOBODY gets NOTHIN' until i've completed a FOUR-STAR BEAT OFF SESSION starting NOW

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wait, fuckin' jerkcity is STILL going on? jesus christ.
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One of the all-time best. Just enlarge them 2x and slap them up on archive.org and I'll be happy forever.
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shmegegge: If it doesn't miss any updates, Jerkcity will publish its 6000th strip on July 4. Currently, they're about to start a special themed event. The theme is strongly hinted by the schedule.
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Leisuretown is so god damned great. Thanks for posting this!
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Honestly, I think Winter Pageant (thanks for the hosting, hades!) changed my outview on the world, all those years ago. It taught me about the meaning of friendship, the meaninglessness of the work we do, and the mystery of life. All that, with rubber toys and words like "titsqueak."

Did anyone else ever run across Leisuretown characters as arcade prizes in a bowling alley and FREAK OUT
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This is one of my all-time favorite comics. The amount of work that must have gone into producing those things is stupefying.
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Where was this bowling alley?
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Most if not all of it is in San Francisco, and without searching for the actual panel I'm going to guess the late Japantown Bowl.
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User92371 - it was actually a roller rink, now that I think about it, and it was likely in or near Provo, Utah over a decade ago. You could trade your Skee-ball tickets for any of the Geniuses. It was bizarre to see them laying there motionless under glass.
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shmegegge: New official reasoning for the continuation of Jerkcity has been revealed on Twitter.
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