Gresham College lectures
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Gresham College has provided free public talks within the City of London for over 400 years.’ ‘Since 2001, the college has been recording its lectures and releasing them online in what is now an archive of over 1,000’ of them. Some examples: Snails in Art and the Art of Snails; The History of the Bowler Hat; “Speaking Scars” - The Tattoo; Mother Green Tree Frog and her Children: How Folktales Contributed to the Confucianisation of Korea; The Psychology of Doing Nothing; Möbius and his Band; Harmony in the Lowest Home: The Guitar and the Labouring Poor.

Lectures can be browsed by category . Note that there are video and audio recordings of some lectures, while for others there are just transcripts. Gresham College previously: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
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Thanks for these-- looking forward to some digging!
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WOW. This is amazing! I will be listening for weeks. Thank you! (And thanks for the links to all the previouslies, too, which look terrific.)
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Historical aside: Gresham College was the meeting place for an informal group of physicians and "natural philosophers" in the 1640's that later became the Royal Society.
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