Something in the folks he treats, attracts bad press like no other dr
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from NYMag: When the notorious cancer doctor Gil Lederman cadged an autograph from a dying George Harrison, the world was appalled. But as Lederman scrambles to salvage his reputation, the very nature of his experimental practice has come under attack.
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Is this a new piece? I feel like I've read this before - it's a good article, I just wonder if it recycles information that was publicized somewhere else?
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This article is from 2005. I haven't seen it before, though a follow-up would be nice.
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Ah, here's a recent follow-up from November of last year.
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“Is he a genius, far ahead of his time? Or is he a scoundrel?”

Why choose?
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How the hell is this man allowed to continue practicing medicine?
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I know somebody who once worked as a housekeeper for this very doctor, and she says he was a real jerk. If she sat down to rest after doing some strenuous task, his kids were trained to say "Don't you have anything to do?"
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