"Gen vréman vre zonbi an Ayiti?"
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"Bien sûr," Delzor said. He had even seen them: affectless men and women with a deathlike pallor, high nasal voices, and the characteristic drooping at the chin – men and women who he knew for a fact had died and been buried. "Ayiti, se repiblik zonbi," Delzor added. Haiti is the republic of zombies.
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This reminded me of the Richard Stanley documentary The White Darkness (48min.) which is apparently on youtube.
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I thought the detail about the layers of Hatian bureaucracy that even (or maybe 'especially') zombies are required to negotiate, to be particularly interesting.
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Voodoo bureaucracy, powerful enough to counteract voodoo magic: good to know!

Crazy, good article.
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Our "own" zombie retired. Pity as I´d like to get his take on this.
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What a fantastic article -- thank you for posting it. The level of bureaucracy within and among the secret societies was not something I'd come across before and, like rongorongo, I thought it was really interesting. The Haitian government is not known for its efficiency or even ability to get anything done -- so a shadow government, tied more tightly into the people, appears.

I particularly love how the writer just delicately touches on how vodoun is so tightly interwoven with life in Haiti, without needing to go into some vast explanation -- the writing is really spectacular. And I kept expecting to be annoyed by the layout, but it's really quite perfect.
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Our "own" zombie retired. Pity as I´d like to get his take on this.

There are literally dozens of us!
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That was an amazing article. Thanks for sharing it.

The layout really annoyed me at first, especially the white on black part (ow, my eyes!), but the writing was riveting enough that I quickly got past that.
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Oh there's more links inside! Well that's my night, then.
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The plight of the living dead
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