William Wegman Presents the Hardly Boys in "Hardly Gold"
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"A bottle of nerve manna, a disappearing golf ball and some rocks...it all adds up to the Hardly Boys' toughest case yet. The Hardly Boys have returned to Rangeley Lake for another relaxing summer at the Hardly Inn. Fishing, boating, tennis and their friend Chip Mason await them, but the boys soon find themselves enmeshed in a perplexing mystery that puts to the test their sleuthing skills and secret dog powers..."

["The Hardly Boys in Hardly Gold," 1995, 35mm, 28 min. Directed by William Wegman.]
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One of the things that goes through my mind when I see any of William Wegman's work is this...WHAT SORCERY IS HE DOING? Weimaraners are CRAZY. Seriously, so much work. So, so, so goofy. Not a breed for just anyone. So I salute the guy just for that.
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This is incredibly sweet and witty, especially if you grew up devouring kids' mystery series. Thanks!
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Wegman's dogs are the best people. (But then, aren't ALL dogs?)
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Why wasn't this a tv show isn't this every show on television?

I've been going through a patch of some serious dog envy, and I could watch hours of dogs solving mysteries.
posted by books for weapons at 11:56 AM on February 27, 2015

I have not yet watched this but know that it is exactly what I need to start my weekend when I can.
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This is adorbable.
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