LA's cultural and historical legacy: more than being able to turn right at a red light
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HistoricPlacesLA is the first online information and management system specifically created to inventory, map, and help protect the City of Los Angeles' significant historic resources. It showcases the city's diversity of historic resources, including architecturally significant buildings and places of social importance as well as historic districts, bridges, parks, and streetscapes. You can search for specifics or try some popular seaches, and the map view let's you combine different overlays and base maps.
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Helpful hint: When you get a list of places you can click the "location filter" button to reveal a map, along with map tools like overlays.
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Super cool. Thanks!
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The project has great potential, but at launch it's missing (self-link) a surprising number of important, non-landmarked buildings. I very much hope that the funding can be found to fill in the data--and that the community will be able to contribute additions and corrections--because L.A.'s history is under assault from developers.
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Eclectic combination of stylistic features from several countries of the Mediterranean

This is fun.
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My dad and uncles's arcade of shops in Hollywood is listed, but no detail. No mention of Grampa's Pickwick.
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The L.A. Conservancy also has a searchable, mappable database of historic places in L.A. County.
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