"In Chinese, mei-mei means sister."
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Best friends forever: Separated in China, 2 girls reunite in U.S.
Mae and Mai spent the first years of their lives in the same orphanage in southern China, before they were adopted by families on opposite coasts of the United States. They were inseparable in China. As close as sisters. They ate together and played together, and even after they were moved to separate foster families in the same town, they went to school together and often shared meals at one girl’s home. Adoption may have saved their lives, but they both lost someone they loved.

This week, four years after the best friends were split up, the girls reunited in Oakland, where they’re receiving treatment for the same genetic blood disease at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland.
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That's nice that they reunited, but they still live across the country from each other.
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PBS screened an excellent episode of Independent Lens last September titled Twin Sisters with a similar story. The twin sisters in this case were adopted by two sets of parents from urban California and a Norwegian fishing village. The cultural and genetic factors are magnified in a most intriguing manner - - highly recommended.
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Nice morning read, thanks!
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So sweet.
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That's nice that they reunited, but they still live across the country from each other.

So do lots of best friends and cousins and some sisters, I'd imagine. If their parents are on board, they'll find ways to help the girls see each other. Something lost was found, it won't be lost again.
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What a nice story.
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