Isaiah 2:3-4
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Introducing Wunderland Kalker: Come for the nuclear breeding facility, stay for the locomotive themed roller coaster and flying elephant.
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Better than leaving it to decay after the project was cancelled. But I think the world in general is more desperately short of zero carbon energy generation than it is of funfairs...
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I think that swing ride inside the cooling tower is far more terrifying than an operational plant would've been.
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That swing ride is something out of my childhood dreams.
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I had to look up the Isaiah verses.

I rather like the cheery awning around the base of the cooling tower. I feel like they missed a trick, however, by not painting a mural on the inside of the tower. (Or, oh, oh, paint the inside white and project stuff onto it as the ride is running...)

The juxtaposition of photos in the second link is unfortunate: here's the swing ride! and here's an array of razor-sharp turbine blades!
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That looks pretty cool. It's good something useful could come from the giant money-pit that could have just decayed or been leveled after the plans were scrapped. It looks like a fun place too. The swing ride and the climbing wall both would be high on my list if I had any chance to visit.

Here is a picture of the climbing section of the cooling tower where you can see the handgrips. It appears to go all the way up. I wonder how many people make it? Most of it is under-vertical, but that last bit and the ledge could be a bit daunting for most people.
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