City of a Thousand Spires, One Of Which Has Giant Babies On It
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A Tour of David Černý's Prague. David Černý is shaping Prague’s personality - one sculpture at a time. (previously)
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My wife and I were in Prague last fall and saw a bunch of these (we didn't even realize Embryo was one of his). "Piss" in particular was a highlight; watching people look at it was at least as good as the sculpture itself.
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I saw Piss outside the Kafka museum while wandering around at night, slightly drunk, and I was entertained but puzzled. I looked up the sculpture the next day, and tried to see as many of these as I could. I especially loved the looming yet disorienting presence of the inverted horse.

They definitely help make what seems like an old, static European capital feel much more energetic and plugged in.
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I love this, the esprit de corpus! A great city, to enjoy this artist's works. It isn't often artists succeed with body humor art.
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boy that previously thread goes in a weird direction
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I went to Prague for a vacation two years ago, almost entirely to see the Žižkov Television Tower, but I kept seeing David Černý's work around the city, really liking it, then finding out, again, that it was him. Especially Horse, which came as a surprise when wandering through the Lucerne Passage, an enclosed shopping street.
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