February 13, 2002
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Tuesday was Pancake Day! Who knew? Turns out the wacky Brits, that's who. thanks, dumbmonkey
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Psst check out the sidebar :)
posted by riffola at 3:08 PM on February 13, 2002

National Pancake Day and the UK's "Shrove Tuesday" is one and the same?

Oh well, my bad, riffola, my bad.

... or is it?
posted by tsarfan at 3:11 PM on February 13, 2002

Could anything be funnier than a British guy in a funny hat?
posted by Hildago at 3:30 PM on February 13, 2002

How about a British guy in a pancake?

The picture's actually part of an old Jif lemon advertising campaign that always used to remind me when Pancake Day was coming up. Sadly they no longer seem to bother.
posted by MUD at 3:56 PM on February 13, 2002

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