Making everyone's commute better, one concerto at a time
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Bach on the A train. Every year on March 21, Johann Sebastian Bach’s birthday, musicians around the world celebrate Bach in the Subways Day by offering free performances in subways and other public spaces. Performances are planned in Bonn, Berkeley, Seoul, Portland, Amherst, (which doesn't have a subway so the performance will be at a Subway), Singapore, and Budapest, among many others.
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The only performance scheduled in IL is in Carbondale, which has no subways, and not Chicago, which does. This seems wrong.
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There are a couple in San Francisco; if I am in town I'd like to go to at least one of them!
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The Falls Church Metro stop seems to be the only DC-area venue so far. I imagine other folks will step up.

Also, this is a good excuse to link to a story about a DC subway musician (not all Bach pieces, but he starts off with Bach's best): "Pearls Before Breakfast."
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Awesome! Still, in NYC anyway, this nearly begs the question, why no Strayhorn/Ellington? "Take the A Train" on the A train.
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I really want to take my cello to the just-completed Expo station near my music school and play the 1st Cello Suite, but I'm afraid that I'll a) get arrested for trespassing and b) suck.
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I love the idea, yet their website's search function sucks. (State: "California" or "CA"? Um. They're the same damn place, if the people coding your database are competent.)
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