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Character actor Daniel Von Bargen ("Seinfeld", "Lord of Illusions", "Super Troopers") has died at the age of 64. One tragic footnote is his 2012 suicide attempt that led to his long illness. Here are some facts about Diabetes and Depression and, as always, there is help for those who need it. (Post Title Quote here)
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His character in Malcolm in The Middle was great. I loved this scene:
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22 years, 85 credits? That is a busy, busy schedule for an actor. Well done, him.
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This was years ago obviously, but Von Bargen was a somewhat regular presence on Friday afternoons at Barney's Beanery here in LA. I never spoke with him but the one time I remember seeing him there he was sitting on the front patio, drinking beer with his friends and placing bets on when the televised freeway chase they were watching was going to end. Good times.

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Maybe I'm misreading things, but wouldn't you say his suicide attempt stemmed from his long illness, rather than caused it?

It wasn't diabetes, but an old friend of myself had some amputations done in record succession and died very shortly afterwards. I always wondered if he killed himself - his family didn't say, I never found out. But I think it can be very difficult to live with big blows to how you see yourself, your ableness/wholeness.
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His suicide attempt gave him diabetes?
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Oh, that's sad. I'd read about his suicide attempt and hoped he'd gotten some help. He was a great character actor.

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Dammit. RIP.
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I had long expected/dreaded this. I saw the news story three years ago when he attempted suicide and had heard nothing since despite searching for his name every couple of months. A difficult end for a great character actor.
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A generous donation has been made to The Human Fund in his memory.
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