To survive on this shore
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To survive on this shore: Photographs and interviews with transgender and gender variant older adults is a joint project of photographer Jess Dugan and professor Vanessa Fabbre. It combines photographs of transgender and gender variant people over the age of fifty with interviews about their life experiences of gender, identity, age, and sexuality.
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Wow, thanks, this was really cool.
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This is really wonderful. From Tasha, "'For God so loved the world that whosoever will, let them come.' And after that, I felt like I was one of the "whosoevers."
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My mother (a wonderful, loving woman who just wanted the best for me) raised me on cautionary tales of a friend who lived as a woman for many years; a once-close friend who completed her transition during the 70s and just 'gave up' in the early 80s. These were very sad tales, tales of woe and social isolation and old age and regret.

I haven't found a way to put down all that baggage, but projects like make it a little lighter. Thanks.
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These are the same courageous people that are now training cis parents (and doctors, and therapists) of trans youth. This generation of trans youth et al have a lot more support available from within the LGBT community exactly when they need it most during adolescence. It's going to be an amazing leap forward when they come into their own. At least I feel it will be.
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Thank you.
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Thank you.
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So nice to see a a photo set like this where they haven't just picked models that are conventionally beautiful and pass perfectly for a change.
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To all the jerks in the world complaining about how tumblr and "SJWs" planted all these weird ideas in kids' heads about gender identity, and back in my day we never had any idea about these things...well, here you go.
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The April edition of Popular Woodworking has an article about the renowned chairmaker Jennie Alexander, who publicly transitioned late in life, after publishing for decades as John.

(the author is Jessamyn's cousin, Chris Schwarz).
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Apparently only some of them have interviews posted--I got seriously confused for a minute, then realised the handful I'd randomly clicked on just happened to be the ones that didn't have any words yet. But even just the photos are fabulous.
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