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Swery65 is a game designer known for the cult class Deadly Premonition. Deadly Premonition was distinguished by its quirky Twin Peaks inspired storyline, lovingly rendered American small town gameworld, memorable characters, and unique gameplay. Swery's new series is an atmospheric mystery game, D4 (Dark Dreams Don't Die). D4 notably ditches the somewhat tacked on combat of Deadly Prem. in favor of a series of investigation mini-games more in line with old-school point and click adventures. Noted Let's Player SuperGreatFriend has been working his way through the game as it's released, and you can follow along to get a taste of Swery's latest unique creation.
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So are we actually getting another episode of this? Microsoft absolutely left this game to die so I assumed not.

Also holding out even vainer hope for a PC version (I think I saw somewhere that they had made a PC build at some point), but I mean why would MS release a game on Windows?
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Microsoft have a pattern of adopting some of the most talented and creative Japanese developers, then getting bored of them and treating them with contempt: Hironobu Sakaguchi, Yukio Futatsugi, Tetsuya Mizuguchi. How they handled this project was...especially bad.

I'm not sure D4 is all my cup of tea (COFFEE), but I always like to see personal projects like it succeed and I suspect it's chained to a sinking ship.
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Oh hey! I'm in the middle of SGF's current D4 videos and I'm already sad that D4 hasn't gotten the support from Microsoft that it deserves. There's a lot of it that's derivative or at least.. very reminiscent of Deadly Premonition (some of the names, the fortune cookies/coffee) but I'm okay with that because DP is great. D4 also does some cool things differently -- there's a combat segment on an airplane that has amazing cinematic choreography and visceral feel even though it's all just QTEs. I like the information tags that appears around objects, giving you quite a bit of contextual information. At one point a character appears unexpectedly and radiates such a profound sense of creepy menace that.. well, let's just say the character designer deserves kudos.

The lead dude's weird Chris Angel hair is kind of baffling, but otherwise D4 has been a total blast so far, a real piece of weird art, and I'm sorry that there probably won't be any more episodes at this rate.
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Also holding out even vainer hope for a PC version (I think I saw somewhere that they had made a PC build at some point), but I mean why would MS release a game on Windows?

Deadly Premonition made it in the end, so who knows.
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Whenever Supergreatfriend appears on the blue I feel incumbent to point out that he is slyly hilarious.

During chemo, his Deadly Premonitions walkthrough was a lifesaver (metaphorically...the torrent of toxins were the *real* mvc).
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