Cassie and Jason
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Cassie and Jason have engaged me better than any soap opera, movie, journal, weblog, anything. Cassie's reports about her husband's near-fatal car accident and his creeping recovery are, well, moving. She writes with clarity and simplicity and selflessness. Her letters make my eyes tear, then I grin and can't hold it back. I flinch, wince, sigh, laugh. The hair on my neck bristles. I want to squeeze that lovely woman and carry that man around like a king.
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I, too, have been following this story closely. Cassie is a beautiful woman (and I have never seen a picture of her). I feel strongly for her, and they are in my thoughts a lot.

I wrote to him/her and said "Jason, if you don't marry that woman on August 1, you're a cad." and then said a lot more in a more serious vein.

What I want to do is to go kill the driver of the other car, slowly, in extreme pain! However, in a civilized society we let our institutions perform our revenge for us, and in all likelihood that driver will be spending some serious jail time. There will be, and should be, no mercy.

It would almost be plausible to charge him with vehicular homocide, because the Jason that was is gone forever; what will emerge after he heals will be a different man. Much as I wish it was otherwise, he'll never get it all back.

I think Cassie knows that, too; she said as much in one of her letters. But her attitude is that she has to try to be positive and supportive, and take each part of him which comes back as a gift. I guess that's the only way you can deal with this without being convulsed with grief. Certainly the greatest gift was that he got back his love for her. (Even before he remembered her name, he knew he loved her. When he didn't remember that they were married, he proposed to her -- to be married on August 1.)

More than once reading those letters has made me cry, and I don't cry easily.

I hope they had fun "canoodling" the day he went home. (I wonder if he thought he was saying "conjugaling". Anyway, I sincerely hope they conjugaled; it would definitely be good for both of them.)

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At one point in my life I spent 3 weeks in the hospital and 4 weeks at home recovering from an injury. I don't know Jason's state of self-awareness, but believe me, having full sentience and an unresponsive body is beyond frustrating.

Their story is incredibly touching and well-told. I have a strong desire for them to reach a satisfying conclusion, but in this type of situation, there is only tomorrow.
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Canoodling is not a wide-spread word, but it is a real one. These days you find it in gossip columns talking about stars and their lovers in public.

Volume one of the Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang has (with my modifictions to elaborate on dictionary jargon): verb [origin unknown] to hug and kiss; pet; make love; (hence) to cajole in such a manner. Now usually used jocularly.
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