indoor model plane championships
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I noticed that plane moves toward the floor marginally faster than it moves toward the ceiling. That is the only indication that the Earth's gravitational force is in effect in that gym in Finland.
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This is pretty mesmerizing but please tell me I'm not the only one that wanted on a very deep level for the plane to be guided through one of those basketball hoops.
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Wow, was that impressive. The hangtime was super cool. Man, I love planes!
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One of the cool things about this performance is that the plane has a pair of coaxial counter-rotating props. The torque generated by each prop balances out the torque generated by the other, allowing for some of the very steady 3d "hang time." I imagine this is a not-insubstantial benefit, given how light the rest of the fuselage is on these indoor fliers. I'm really curious about the linkages at work here (two tiny motors, or one tiny motor + gears/belts, etc), but I have not found a close-up photo of the rig yet.
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Details from the builder are here; it's one motor (oh, and it's contra-rotating).
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Don't they have some kind of rule saying the planes have to be made out of matter and have mass?
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Like aubilenon I am amazed. I didn't know a practical application had been found for aerogel.
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They're called foamies.
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So graceful, really enjoyed this, thanks.
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Thanks, progosk!
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If the link had been a 5 minute video of a giant dragonfly exploring that gym -- and back when the Earth's atmosphere had more oxygen they did get as big as that plane (in wingspan) -- I would be feeling a backwash of terror as I write this instead of tranquil and bemused.
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Dont worry, it would have soon caught itself in the webbing. Then the giant arachnid would have descended from the ceiling and started wrapping it up.
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See, that's what I am talking about with that basketball hoop. Arachnid = quadcopter, something having to do with sucking out the vital juices of the plane... then they set up the handball nets and ants march out in uniforms...
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Thanks, that was amazing. I was expecting it to be about indoor duration, which is also amazing.
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This is like the slow motion version of RC helicopter stunt flying.
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Looks like Sopwith 2 in slow motion.
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Gah, since the FAA won't let me fly FPV and I can't afford real airplanes, this may be my next stupidly-expensive-but-not-actually-flying hobby. I'm holding Progosk and dhruva responsible!
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