Mummified Remains found on Pico de Orizaba, Mexico's Highest Peak
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Mexico mummies: Climbers find eerie head in snow, dig to find mummies embracing The mummies will be transported down the mountain as early Monday. These frozen Mexico mummies will make their descent with climbers who have special cases to keep the frozen mummies intact. posted by Michele in California (7 comments total) 10 users marked this as a favorite
MEXICAN mummies.
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I'm a little disappointed that these mummies aren't older, like Ötzi. If they're only (!) 50 years old, I wonder how long the mummification process takes.
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It takes a certain ... something ... to get involved in an activity such as extreme mountain climbing, where you're literally stepping over the corpses of your predecessors that lay in your path.

Dude. Just run a 10k and have a beer.
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The neat thing is that mummification just means stopping the process of decay-- so there are all kinds of mummies from all kinds of time periods, caused by differing humidities, chemicals, and environments. These are just recent mummies.
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If it is the missing trio, it must come as a tremendous relief to their friend who spent so long searching for them; that they were found while one who loved them was still alive, so that he can tell their stories from the lives they lived, instead of no one being able to speak for them and perhaps their just being thought of as unburied curiosities. A sense of closure for a 70-year-old man, and another chance for him to give his friends love.
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I've climbed that mountain a couple of times, and it's not really technically challenging to do a straight climb. Pretty much a steep hike. It's not Everest, where the path is strewn with bodies. I was frankly very surprised that two climbers both died and went missing. The fact that they were traversing the mountain, during a time of year when the visibility is low, kind of explains it.
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I wonder what makes them say that the bodies appear Mexican?
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