Videos of Pre-Industrial Crafts
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In case you haven't had your fill of pre-industrial craftsmanship in a while, watch some videos of folks at Colonial Williamsburg & Jamestown doing their things: A gunsmith, a silversmith, a cabinet maker, and a glass blower.

And a video of Stephen Fry learning about the Gutenberg printing press, thrown in for good measure
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Not 30 seconds into the gunsmith video and the dude puts his palm on the end of the ramrod to tamp. Ouch.
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Great to see more Roy Underhill! (the new window link is broken though)
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Check out Mastercrafts! It's a 6 part BBC show about traditional crafts. A bit reality show, but there's some good stuff in there. Green woodcraft looks super fun.

1 Green Woodcraft
2 Thatching
3 Blacksmithing
4 Stained Glass
5 Weaving
6 Stonemasonry
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I haven't had a chance to see the others yet, but the gunsmith video is fascinating. A bit of research seems to show that the gunsmith in the video, Wallace Gusler, pretty much single-handedly revived the craft. In particular, with research, he rediscovered how the gun barrel was made, as the technique had been forgotten by then.
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I have this sudden craving for silver shoe buckles.
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Here's some more about Ironbridge coracles, mentioned in the Greenwood video.
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I'm in the process of learning stamping and hammer forging metal to make cowbells. There is a lot to learn.
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