Current Reddit CEO Takes the Stand in SV Discrimination Case
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This post was deleted for the following reason: This kind of Silicon Valley bad behavior has been on the radar a lot lately and it sounds like this is an account of just one day of testimony in the case; maybe wait until there's a wrap-up of the whole thing, or a judgment? -- LobsterMitten

We soo need a better way than venture capital to determine what startups succeed and fail.
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In a story that is only tangentially related but quite hilarious: how (Ellen Pao's husband) Alphonse Fletcher got exposed wildly overstating the value of his hedge fund, when he tried to sue his co-op board. The funny part (IMO) is that all of these fiduciaries were trusting him with millions and millions of dollars, often on behalf of public employees, and they didn't really look at the paperwork, despite how much was on the line. It took the coop board at the Dakota to actually look through his reports and see there was something wrong.

(Also hilariously, Fletcher's PIPE counterparties seem not to have read their contracts with him, leading to some amazing option pricing math.)

(Linked summary is by a friend of mine.)
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