The Great 2015 Indie Press Review
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"The feature began originally as an idea born from a discussion online with a number of indie press editors, authors, and readers about the deluge of 'best-of' and 'most anticipated' features and how the majority of these articles continue to be disproportionately favorable to the larger publishing houses. A lot gets lost in transit among the smaller presses, and I wondered why this was the case; the question I asked had been, Why wasn’t there a comprehensive gathering of what the indie community has to offer?" posted by joseph conrad is fully awesome (4 comments total) 9 users marked this as a favorite
I was very happy to see this one on the cheat sheet:

A New Language for Falling Out of Love by Meghan Privitello (January)

Yes Yes Books is doing good work right now.
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Did I miss something or is there an almost complete lack of translated literature in that preview?

At least the cheat sheet lists presses like Dalkey Archive, Melville House and Two Lines Press which are busy publishing some amazing works in translation.

I'd like to give some love to some neglected presses like Open Letter Books, Pushkin Press, Hispabooks and Seagull Books, all of whom are publishing brilliant work from around the world. I'm sure I'm forgetting a ton more.

I'd also like to direct people's attention to the Dorothy Project which is a nonprofit dedicated to publishing work by women. They've published some of the best fiction in the last couple years, hands down.
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A "comprehensive" list that entirely leaves out the romance indie presses does not seem comprehensive. Better to say this is a comprehensive list of literary fiction indie presses, because that's what I saw on there.

Nitpicking aside, I'm bookmarking the list for my later shopping use so thank you for posting it!
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I can't believe I forgot to add Archipelago Books who hit the jackpot by publishing Knausgaard's My Struggle. They've got a great slate of forthcoming work, including reissues of the massively overlooked Ivan Vladislavic and Tarjei Vesaas.
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