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Part 4 of an interview with noted video game developer M2, upon the completion of Outrun 3D, the latest on a series of 'SEGA 3D Classics', in which games from the golden era of arcades are meticulously ported to the Nintendo 3DS (!!) handheld system using a variety of interesting, fairly obsessive techniques.

This interview part is specifically focused upon the music composition, but if this piques your interest, the other earlier interviews are amazing, too. Accuracy to the originals is a focus (to the point of 'emulating' the sound of your feet stomping the pedals of the sit-down unit), but what I found the most intriguing were the 'bug fixes' to 30 year old software and hardware.

Recommended for anyone into music composition, emulation, programming, hardware hackery, or smoky-smelling dimly-lit sin halls that were once called arcades.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3
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"For this soundtrack, we didn’t record off the 3DS. We burned a sound ROM specifically for Out Run, and actually put it on the arcade board and recorded it. Those soundtracks are truly the real deal."

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Hehe. I was skimming the article, saw "Z80," read the surrounding sentence, swore, and then read the whole article.

As a developer, this whole article really fascinates me, because this small group of people have really poured their hearts and souls into this tiny product that seems unlikely to sell more than a few copies (unless there's a market for handheld remakes of obscure and dated 80s racing games?). Adding new levels to a 30-year-old game using the original game engine? That is just absurdly above and beyond what was required for this project.

I'm really curious about what inspired this level of passion and rigor, and how they managed to get the time/budget to do it. This thing is a labor of love.
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There's definitely a small market for 'retro' games (all modern systems at least have a way to purchase older emulated games on their respective digital marketplaces), but this level of accuracy and detail is definitely something that I've only ever heard of M2 attempting or achieving.

I can't tell you how many times that I've been burned with slapped-together emulator/game combos before I began watching for the M2 name.
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Oh man, I can't wait to play this. The Galaxy Force II 3DS port was awesome.
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Naoya Matsuoka & Wesing
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