Death Comes To Time,
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Death Comes To Time, a new series of official on-line adventures for Doctor Who began tonight. Not as good as the Big Finish adventures to be sure, but there may be some interest for Buffy fans, as this one features the vocal talents of Mr. Giles ...
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Note that there are actually two episodes listed on the BBC site: the Pilot Episode, which was called Death Comes to Time, and now a Valentine's Episode called Planet of Blood.

Another exciting feature, elsewhere on the site is the TARDIS cam made up of shots from the television series as well as new "on location" bits developed by the studio.

The Doctor Who site is part of the's Cult Pages - devoted to not only their programing, but American series like Buffy, Star Trek, and others.
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I'm confused. How do they replicate the lovably shabby special effects in audio?
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Episode Two is up ...
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Episode Three is up...
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Episode Four is up...
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Episode Five is up...
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