'Roly-Poly Goat Heads' doesn't have quite the same ring to it.
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Why Do Severed Goat Heads Keep Turning Up in Brooklyn? (Some may find the pictures at this link disturbing.)

Things I never thought I'd say in a Metafilter post:
It's safe to assume that any link that follows may contain one or more images of butchered goat parts.

Expanded Coverage
The Brooklyn Paper's excited coverage of "The Butcher of Prospect Park" mentioned in the New York Magazine article includes:
Blood, threat and fears!, Who is the Butcher of Prospect Park?, A duck is dead — and a swan wounded — in latest park tragedy and a photo montage podcast.

Also: "Who cares about two months of entrail-dumping, chicken beheadings, blood-letting and furniture abandonment in the Prospect Park lake — the federal government just gave the park an award for cleanliness!"

Gothamist's coverage. (Special Mention must go to the first comment on: "Park Slope residents were apparently so busy cooing at the contents of their all-terrain strollers and farm-fresh kale bundles that they allowed several days to elapse before anyone bothered to look up and notice the rotting set of goat head chimes swaying in the early autumn breeze.")

The Awl, from last November: The Goat Heads of Prospect Park
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Almost certainly somehow the fault of hipsters.
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I think I prefer our weird paperback book dumping problem.
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No, no. That nonsense is entirely different from our nonsense. Our nonsense is consistent.
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Troubled herders.
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I read that entire article in the voice of Gabriel Knight and it was very satisfying.
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I live really close to Prospect Park (but on the Prospect/Crown Heights side), and I'd say 80% of the people in the neighborhood I've talked to about it think it's some kind of Santeria/voodoo thing.

Almost certainly somehow the fault of hipsters.

Very different part of Brooklyn.
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Wow, this is awesome. I really liked the interviews with the Santeria practitioner. It's a religion I know very little about, so it was interesting to hear some of the rationale behind the kinds of offerings that he was willing to talk about.
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Santeria is totally fucking awesome.
Like the voo without the dou.
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Oh hey I'm moving right there next week. This whole 'swinging-goat-head-chimes' kinda is a perk for me. Metal as fuck.
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That's a step up from throwing sneakers over the telephone wires but I bet it's the same sort of IRL meme where different people do it for different reasons but the most common one is youthful boredom ($1.99/lb, probably in the range of 6 to 10 pounds, split among a few people, it's cheaper than a full-price movie).
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Oh, in my neighborhood, shoes over the wire means drugs. Oddly, "folks" is considered a pejorative in many gang circles.
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Why Do Severed Goat Heads Keep Turning Up in Brooklyn?

a) hipsters
b) wizards
c) Fallen Brooklyn ARG
d) all of the above
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Hipster wizards?

Are those wizards that we don't like?
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Wizards who refuse to wash their denim?

That might get a little nasty, what with all of the goat head juices.
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In my wildest dreams it's just Dave and John or (insert favorite pop culture oddball do-gooder) trying to keep out the evils of some netherbeing from wreaking havoc, and here's some newspaper article calling them JERKS

When there's a mystery afoot that's just kind of odd for me, but would offend and appall others, this is generally my headcanon on reality.
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Lots of heavy metal garage bands?
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didn't Brooklyn or the Brooklyn Nets adopt the shoes on the wire thing as a logo?

When I heard that I laughed and laughed. I don't know why.
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There was a lady on Coast to Coast who said it's aliens and it's an experiment and the data they are collecting is our reaction to it.
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A buddy of mine here in the Bay Area who worked for the phone company used to get a kick out of cutting down tossed sneakers over the lines, especially as quite often they were used to mark which drug dealers had claimed that corner.

But using goat heads? That is some Spider Jerusalem/Transmetropolitan grade urban weirdness. Now I REALLY wanna know who's claiming that corner, and why.
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From TFA: “Across the country, in Sacramento, there's been a similar decapitated-animal spree . . . “

Well that’s interesting, because I had no idea my town was having such a prolific animal murder fest. The linked Buzzfeed article goes on to say “A city with nearly a half-million residents, Sacramento is a good distance from the nearest farm.”

1. The Sacramento metro area has nearly 3 million residents.

2. Sacramento is surrounded by farms. There are probably hundreds of farms within 60 miles of here.

3. There’s a farm directly across the river from where a cow head was found last year.

4. It’s still damn creepy.
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Last fall in Westchester County, a bunch of headless goat carcasses began to turn up in public places.

If this were in a novel this connection would have been followed up on more thoroughly. Because it provides the most tantalizing sort of structure to the thing: goat heads in the city, decapitated goats in the suburbs.
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Anybody asked Robert Durst?
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Park employees have been privately talking about these goat heads since at least 2005.
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