In the world of sign language, this man is Michael Jackson
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Swedish sign language interpreter, Tommy Krångh, interpreted and danced his way through a song performed by singer Magnus Carlsson on Melodifestivalen.
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and a bow tie.

i love this, thank you for posting it.
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I LOVE watching sign language interpreters at plays and musical performances. the best two I've ever seen were at a production of Anything Goes in Buffalo, and at the Christmas Candlelight processional at EPCOT. There were two interpreters at the first, and they totally took on each character's expressions as the translated for different people. I've always wondered if they had theater backgrounds, or it they were just that into it. And the guy at EPCOT was so animated I half-expected him to float up oin a wire like Tinkerbell at the end of the show.
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Also, in looking up Swedish sign language out of interest for where it's placed linguistically, I saw this in wikipedia: Swedish Sign Language (Svenskt teckenspråk or STS) is the sign language used in Sweden...and hearing parents of deaf children are required to learn it. And I am not d/Deaf, and I have no legitimate position from which to have this opinion, I have merely taken ASL from a Deaf woman ages and ages ago and I love what I learned then about (American) Deaf culture specifically and sign languages generally, but I just have to say that that is so fucking awesome.
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I love this and it always makes me want to learn to sign.
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This was super. Good case made for a Sign Language category for Eurovision.

The first time I saw Hedwig and the Angry Inch was on late night telly so late it was actually early morning in the telly for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing people slot. I had no idea the super animated and expressive signer wasn't part of the original film.
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This is fantastic. He really brings it home at the end.

One of my favorite events in college was going to see the low-profile comedians the Activity Board would bring in every week or so, as the sets would be interpreted. When the comedian would bomb you could always count on the interpreter having a better sense of timing and delivery to redeem the night.
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What's the Deal with Stonehenge?, signed. It's the amazingest.

Krångh has more energy in this video than I've had in my whole life.
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