Like Lehrer and MacNeil, but with moustaches and puppets
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A hard-hitting panel show that isn't afraid to tackle the tough issues, with a balanced panel of right-wing, left-wing, libertarian and other guests, No, You Shut Up! "takes on the issues of the day until everyone gets too angry to discuss them any further."

Hosted by mustachioed dapper dresser Paul F. Tompkins on the Fusion Network, it also airs one week post-broadcast entirely for free on YouTube (and available in regions outside the U.S.) . It features cuttting-edge journalism techniques, useful life hacks, and guest appearances by a rogue's gallery of L.A. comedy.

(PFT previously, with links to a plenitude of posterior previouslies).
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God I hope this is good, have been avoiding so far because it looks so good I may not be able to handle it and other PFT vehicles, like his podcast or that Speakeasy show, haven't really moved me as much as his other appearances have. Time to dive in I guess!
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So now I can't watch Paul F. Tompkins without thinking he's actually Mr. Peanutbutter, but in this show and premise it still works.
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Oh God I love Paul F Tompkins so much. I will watch this voraciously.

For the record, Mr Tompkins is the creator of the funniest standup bit of all time. Namely, the Peanut Brittle bit from his album Impersonal.

Note: please don't try to find it on Youtube, because the one found there is from his comedy central appearance and is edited poorly and too short. Here's a spotify link, though, if those work here:

Peanut Brittle from Impersonal
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(PFT was on the Sklar brothers podcast a while back and they brought up the peanut brittle bit. It is indeed one of the best things ever.)

I also enjoy his commercial for Ice-T's Pyramid Scheme and his uncanny impersonation of John C. Reilly (when competing against John Hamm for acting, it is supreme). But his best role is as that married medium, Frank Doyle, on the Thrilling Adventure Hour. *clink*
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Rap AIRHORN!!!!!
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I watched one episode, and was not impressed. I thought it was a bit self indulgent. Perhaps MST3K has set the puppet bar too high.
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Wait, there is a Henson Alternative division? YES!!
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He's gonna explode—watch this...
I am in love with Armond Mite.
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